Deck Name:Guruhi Preconstructed Deck
Created By:L. Scott Johnson
Description:The Guruhi Preconstructed Deck from Legacies of Blood.
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 38, Avg: 7.33)
2  Nangila Were  obf ser ANI POT PRE      9,  Guruhi
2  Lumumba       ani PRE                  4,  Guruhi
2  Batsheva      obt pot ANI PRE          6,  Guruhi
2  Ugadja        dom for ABO ANI POT PRE  10, Guruhi, magaji
2  Aren          ani obf POT PRE          7,  Guruhi
2  Sobayifa      aus pot pro spi ANI PRE  8,  Guruhi, magaji
Library: (77 cards)
Master (14 cards)
1  Dummy Corporation
1  Elder Library
1  Giant`s Blood
1  Legendary Vampire
3  Minion Tap
1  Palace Hunting Ground
1  Potence
1  Rumor Mill, Tabloid Newspaper, The
1  Storage Annex
1  Sudden Reversal
2  Zillah`s Valley
Action (1 cards)
1  Charming Lobby
Action Modifier (19 cards)
1  Awe
4  Bewitching Oration
2  Change of Target
4  Guruhi Are the Land, The
1  Guruhi Kholo
4  Iron Glare
3  Voter Captivation
Political Action (21 cards)
1  Ancient Influence
2  Ancilla Empowerment
1  Banishment
2  Consanguineous Boon
5  Conservative Agitation
1  Disputed Territory
2  Domain Challenge
3  Kine Resources Contested
1  Overseer
1  Peace Treaty
1  Political Flux
1  Political Stranglehold
Reaction (6 cards)
3  Cats` Guidance
1  King`s Favor
2  Wake with Evening`s Freshness
Combat (10 cards)
2  Burning Wrath
1  Death of My Conscience, The
1  Fractured Armament
2  Pushing the Limit
3  Staredown
1  Terror Frenzy
Retainer (2 cards)
2  Elephant Guardian
Equipment (4 cards)
2  Blood Tears of Kephran
1  Brass Knuckles
1  Flak Jacket

Nangila Were
capacity: 9
obf ser ANI POT PRE
group: 4
Laibon: Nangila may enter combat with a minion controlled 
by another Methuselah as a (D) action. While Nangila is 
ready, your hand size is one card larger.

capacity: 4
ani PRE
group: 4

capacity: 6
obt pot ANI PRE
group: 4
Laibon: Batsheva gets +1 strength when in combat with a Tzimisce.

capacity: 10
group: 4
Laibon magaji: Ugadja may move up to 2 blood from himself to 
a younger Laibon in your uncontrolled region as a +1 stealth action.

Aren, Priest of Eshu
capacity: 7
ani obf POT PRE
group: 4
Laibon: Aren gets +1 stealth on political actions. Any vampire 
voting against a referendum called by Aren burns 1 blood when 
the results are tallied.

capacity: 8
aus pot pro spi ANI PRE
group: 3
Laibon magaji.

Political Action
Political card - Worth 1 vote. Called by any Laibon with a capacity 
above 4 as a +1 stealth action. Title. In this referendum, each 
Guruhi gets one additional vote. Any votes any magaji cast in 
favor of this referendum are ignored. If this referendum passes, 
put this card on the acting Laibon to represent the Laibon title 
of magaji (worth 2 votes).

Elephant Guardian
1 blood
Animal with 3 life. Requires a ready Laibon. When this minion is 
in combat with an acting minion, the acting minion takes 2 damage 
during strike resolution each round if the range is close. A minion 
can have only one Elephant Guardian.

Guruhi Are the Land, The
Action Modifier
Only usable during a bleed, hunt, or equip action. If this is a bleed 
action, this Guruhi gets +1 bleed, and you may not play another action 
modifier to further increase the bleed for this action. If this is 
a hunt action, this Guruhi gains an additional blood if successful. 
If this is an equip action, this Guruhi untaps if the action is successful.

Guruhi Kholo
Action Modifier
Only usable during a political action. Usable by a tapped vampire. Title. 
Put this card on this Guruhi to represent the unique Laibon title of 
Guruhi Kholo (worth 2 votes). Not usable if there are any older ready 
untitled Guruhi. Whenever this vampire is not a ready Guruhi or there 
is an older ready untitled Guruhi, move this card to (one of) the oldest 
ready untitled Guruhi (if any).
PGUR Starter only

King`s Favor
Only usable during a referendum. Boon. This Guruhi gets 3 additional 
votes. If this Guruhi votes in favor, and the referendum passes by the 
number of votes this Guruhi casts or fewer, put this card in play. 
While this card is in play, that acting vampire may not block this 
Guruhi.  You may burn this card during any Methuselah's untap phase 
to move up to 3 blood from that vampire to this Guruhi.
PGUR Starter only

Palace Hunting Ground
Master: unique location. Hunting ground. During your untap phase, 
you may move 1 blood from the blood bank to a ready Guruhi you control. 
Not usable to move blood to a Guruhi with no blood. A vampire can 
gain blood from only one hunting ground card each turn.
PGUR Starter only