This is me trying to give you things

Ok, so listen. You know I love ya more than my luggage. You also know that it’s going to be wicked hot this weekend and I want to give you some hope of something cooler. So because I love you more than my luggage and to give you hopes of cool, I’m going to step outside my comfort zone and do a giveaway right here. (I’ve never done any sort of giveaway. Ever. This proves how much I love you.)


I have two tickets to Raging Waters Sacramento up for grabs. (Tickets are good for the month of June and July, except for July 12-28.) All you have to do to win these tickets:

a) Leave a comment on this post. I wouldn’t be mad if you told me how cool I am.

b) Tell me how cool I am.

c) Head over to the Raging Waters Sacramento Facebook page and LIKE THEM.

d) Tell me how cool I am.

Don’t forget to leave your email when registering your comment so that I know that you are actually serious. Or, you know, to make it easier for me to get ahold of you and GIVE YOU TICKETS.

I will be picking a winner on Tuesday. At 8:30 pm. I have no idea why I picked that time of day, but it’s the 2nd time that popped into my head. (I didn’t use the first time I thought of because I will likely be driving a kid to practice at that time. And I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t do all this while driving.)

Anyway, follow the rules. Enter to win. I’ll give you two tickets. I love you. The End.

photo credit: Raging Waters Sacramento

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  1. You are way way way cool and i need to get out of this house once my boys get out of school so they live. ha ha. just kidding, kinda. i’d love to win, thanks for sharing! i have followed your commands 🙂

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