Still Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

I am so tired of only being able to chew on one side of my mouth.

I’m also tired of being the dental patient that defies normal practices.

Not on purpose, obviously. But if a procedure is supposed to take 20-30 minutes, you can be sure the same procedure will take 45 minutes to an hour with me. Or if it’s very unlikely for someone to have more than 3-4 roots per tooth, I will have FIVE. (And they will be impacted. Freakishly long roots! Kinda like the freakishly long legs I’ve been known to have!)

Long story, short: stupid and dumb tooth turns into a (complicated) root canal turns into a stupid and dumb broken tooth turns into broken tooth with stupid and dumb infection…stupid and dumb tooth must come out.

Fast forward to the Monday before Christmas and the extraction of stupid and dumb tooth.

It was pretty awful.

Let’s just say that I had to remind myself that I WASN’T Sydney Bristow on the first season of Alias when she is being tortured by losing teeth.

Thank goodness I had a couple weeks off for Christmas because it took me that long to even feel better. It was pretty brutal.

Which, to be honest, is kinda how I’m feeling today. Which sucks so freaking bad, you guys.

Today was phase two of Torture Jill with Dental Work. AKA: bone and tissue grafts and way more stitches and swelling than I was expecting this time around. Because I’m a ginormous, oblivious idiot.


I’m pretty cranky about all of it. And, yeah…it’s pretty swollen and painful.

Just in time for my jury duty gig to continue on Wednesday.

Wait, what was I saying about torture?

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