That’s just the way it is

I’m watching weird shows on television because I forced myself to go to bed before midnight. I shut off the computer. I’m ignoring the fact that my oldest child is still up doing homework. (Well, I’m not super worried about it anyway.)

I’m so tired. Like, more than usual. And that’s saying something.

For the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to a weekend of “not as much as usual” so that I can get more sleep and not wear actual clothes that aren’t pajamas.

Maybe yoga pants. Maybe.

But first I have to stop watching weird TV so that I can get some actual sleep and get a WHOLE BUNCH O SHIT done tomorrow so that the weekend can actually start.

Except, this show is kinda quirky. And it’s made me laugh twice. So now I must see it through. Since I’ll probably never watch it again.

Oh hell, it’s over and that show Parenthood is on. Sarah said I’m not allowed to watch that show so maybe I’ll actually go to bed now. Or just change the channel.

I shouldn’t be in charge of my own life.

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