That’s just the way it is

I’m watching weird shows on television because I forced myself to go to bed before midnight. I shut off the computer. I’m ignoring the fact that my oldest child is still up doing homework. (Well, I’m not super worried about it anyway.)

I’m so tired. Like, more than usual. And that’s saying something.

For the first time in a long time, I’m looking forward to a weekend of “not as much as usual” so that I can get more sleep and not wear actual clothes that aren’t pajamas.

Maybe yoga pants. Maybe.

But first I have to stop watching weird TV so that I can get some actual sleep and get a WHOLE BUNCH O SHIT done tomorrow so that the weekend can actually start.

Except, this show is kinda quirky. And it’s made me laugh twice. So now I must see it through. Since I’ll probably never watch it again.

Oh hell, it’s over and that show Parenthood is on. Sarah said I’m not allowed to watch that show so maybe I’ll actually go to bed now. Or just change the channel.

I shouldn’t be in charge of my own life.


I just finished watching an episode of Gilmore Girls. Don’t act like you’re so surprised. Netflix has given us all the gift of Gilmore Girls and, therefore, it is our Netflix-given duty to watch each episode. Don’t kid yourself; you probably just finished watching a GG episode, too.

Also, if you believe that I’ve only watched ONE episode of Gilmore Girls I probably have a bridge to sell you.

But here’s the thing…this episode? It was the one where Rory got a ‘D’ on her test and she questions all the things about going to Chilton and if she can take it. And then she stays up all night studying for her test and then she oversleeps and misses her test and she completely loses it on her class. And then Lorelei tries to help and ends up losing it a little bit on the teacher and the dean. She tries to get them to let Rory take the test anyway because Harvard dreams, you guys!

Then Lorelei talks to Rory and says she doesn’t have to keep going to Chilton and she can go back to her old school. Lorelei begins to question the Harvard dreams asking Rory if this is what she really always wanted or was it Lorelei that started this dream because she never had the big college experience.

I don’t have anything to add to this right now. Mostly I just wanted you to know about that particular Gilmore Girls gut punch. Also that those worries sometimes apply to Stanford and Berkeley and IB programs and softball. We should also have a conversation about the fact that me watching Gilmore Girls at this phase in my life will lead to other gut punches and blog posts. I fully expect to not have any friends by this time next year.

By the way, Rory assures her mom that the Harvard dreams are really what she wants. It was all she ever wanted.

I choose to believe her.