Listen to Your Mother

Last weekend I had the opportunity to audition for Listen to Your Mother Sacramento. And I am part of this year’s cast. My heart started beating faster as I typed that.

I’ve never done anything like that before.

I’ve had some sort of blog for almost eight years. But I’ve never pushed it beyond a “place where I ramble and tell stories about my family”. Anonymously. I’ve never been ready to become more open and honest…more transparent.

More Jill.

Having the opportunity to write something so personal and healing has sparked something inside of me. It opened this creative side of my brain that has been dormant for a very long time. And because I’m my own worst critic, I’m both insanely proud of what I wrote and also I worry that it’s complete and total crap. Because of course I do.

I feel so humbled to be a part of this show. I am excited, of course…but humbled to share my story. And hoping that I honor the words that I wrote and that I honor the spirit of this amazing cast and show. These stories were first lived before they were ever written. And each story deserves an incredible amount of respect and love. My story is so important to me, but I can’t wait to extend my support to all of the wonderful people who submitted their own words. Because at the end of the day, this is what we’re here to do. Support those around us. Help them tell their story. Love them for having the courage to share a piece of themselves with all of us.

I’m so proud to be a part of Listen to Your Mother. I’m in awe of Nichole and Margaret and all that they have done to bring this to our community. I can’t wait to celebrate motherhood. I can’t wait to listen to the words that this cast has written. And I can’t wait to love each and every one.

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  1. Why are we so hard on ourselves? I remember thinking “Oh well, it isn’t that good but it is the best I can do right now.” Color me shocked when I was called in for an audition. I told Nichole and Margaret, it was an blast just to be asked to come and read. I can’t believe I am in the cast but it must mean that the piece you secretly thought was “complete and total crap” and my “not that good but the best I could do” was more than we dreamed. Obviously, they saw something in our work that we didn’t and it touched them. I know when I hear your piece I’ll be touched and I’ll cry and I’ll wonder at the spell your words will weave for all of us. I am looking forward to the magic we will create for the audience together.

    1. I’m so grateful for this opportunity to share my story. Our stories. I cannot wait to hear them all. (And thank you for your kind words!)

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