Mostly I’m Just Happy to Have Working Internet Again

I promise that I’m not going to write a post about how I now have internet hooked up at the new house and how happy that makes me. (Although, for the record? I am SUPREMELY happy about having internet, my friends. IT HAS BEEN WEEKS WITHOUT REAL INTERNET. I’m excited.) The installer may or may not have laughed at me when I said “Hell, I don’t even CARE about the TV…I’m just happy for internet.”

(He also may have said that he’s never actually heard someone say that before. And, well, I’m kinda surprised by that and also his other clients must not love Facebook and Twitter like I do.)

(Did I just admit all that on the internet?)

Now that I’ve taken up so much of your time telling you about how happy I am to have internet, what I really came over here to say is that my first post is up over at HelloXOXO. Remember that awesome website I was telling you about? Well, there I am…talking about Campfire Wednesdays and summer memories and what not. But mostly? I’m just wanting to have a really great summer before my kids get too old to enjoy these summers like we can now.

I also wanted to tell you about the Listen to Your Mother videos being up. And, well…there are bunches of feelings surrounding that. I was kinda surprised by it actually, but I loved watching the video. And I think this weekend I’ll be able to tackle watching the others. But just in case you missed it, there I am. (I will embed that later when this works a bit better.)


Also, I never told you about my logo. And how amazing Sarah is. But I will tell you more about that when I’m not so excited about having internet, and LTYM videos and HelloXOXO blog posts.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a softball game to get to and tons (TONS) of internet to use. Because I can now.

Have a great weekend!



Well…right this very second, we are in the midst of all things moving. It’s insane and ridiculously HOT (107+ weather anyone?) but we’ll be done today at some point, so there’s that. Obviously, I have negative zero seconds to do this, but I couldn’t let today pass without telling you Hello XOXO which is bringing about some awesome things here on the internets and in the community. (And really, you don’t have to live in this area to appreciate what HelloXOXO is all about!)

But because I’m in the middle of moving, I’m gonna let the brains behind this operation explain HelloXOXO for me:

HelloXOXO is an all-inclusive nest where ladies of all ages come together to enrich themselves and their community through philanthropy, mentoring, book and supper clubs, deep conversations, all while exploring their inner artisan.

In the hip part of the Sacramento midtown experience is nestled a chic little studio. While it looks rather cute and unassuming from the sidewalk, it has a mission: to fill its corners with smiles, girlfriends, supper clubs, crafting sessions, merry making, youth empowerment, happy vibes, heartfelt discussions, and doing good in the community–and all through superior girl power, no matter your age.

Come visit our new nonprofit and see. We’d tell you to bring your girlfriends, but we’re all already here.


Pretty rad, right? Well, today is the big day of their blog launch and I just had to tell you. You may or may not recognize a few of the contributors over there. We’re all pretty gosh-darn excited about it and hope that you might be too.



Have a great week everyone!!


photo credit: HelloXOXO