Clash Royale Xmod Version 1.0.2 download released

Hey lads, Yes xmod for Clash Royale is now available for download and online the Clash Royale xmod version 1.0.2. This supports only the latest Clash Royale game version.

What’s new!

This mod features exhibit rival elixir wherein you can see enemy elixir storage bar at the top left corner of the screen. This Mod function helps you to find better attack time.

– How to activate Xmod?

In the game you will see a xbot at the right edge of your mobile screen, Tap on it and You’ll see  the new feature Show Rival Elixir

Then, Tap on it to activate it viola, In your next battle Elixir storage will be automatically shown in your mobile screen interface.

Download Xmod for Clash Royale:

Link1:  Clash Royale Xmod Version 1.0.2 (Xmod games)

Meanwhile, Clash Royale will be available globally for an Android user in March announced it earlier on their official website.  Because of that MMO games developer, will be making an xmod android version for Clash Royale. So better Stay Tuned we’ll keep you updated when it is available for download and online.
Source: Xmodgames Guides

Features added:

  1. Auto open chest – Chest will be automatically open even if you’re in a battle or a friendly battle with you clan mates.
  2. Battles, it will show you Rival Elixer bar of your enemy telling when to attack or to defend.
  3. The latest mod version is now Android six supported.