Stress is Dumb. My Dog is Cute.

I currently feel like I’m doing everything wrong, juggling too much and am more stressed than I’d like to admit. But you know what makes it all better? Spending time with my people. And my dog.

And sometimes you have to post pictures of the time you made that dog get in the pool against her will because you just need to be sure she can swim and know where the steps are in the pool so she doesn’t drown! She is going to be really pissed about it.

Paisley is not amused

But then eventually she will forgive you because you let get out of the pool. Even though you will make her stay outside for a bit because wet dog in the house is not okay. But then suddenly, she will air-dry and look like a Muppet.

paisley 2
No really. She looks like Rowlf.

And no, pictures of my Muppet Dog don’t exactly count as an actual blog post. Except for the fact that maybe they do. Because it’s better than me talking about my FEELINGS. And also STRESS. And also, feelings and stress.

See…pictures of my Muppet Dog sound way better than all that.

It’s still a gosh-darn crazy busy time in my world. But someday I’d really like to tell you more about my new house. And update you on our Summer Challenge that is mostly just something I feel guilty about all the time. (Okay, we haven’t been THAT bad. But still.)

Anyway, my dog hates swimming. She looks like a Muppet. I’m ready to not be so stressed.

I promise to write something better tomorrow. Or Thursday. Probably Thursday. Maybe Friday.

Let me distract you with another picture of my dog…wearing a poncho: