I am a grown-ass woman/child who knows what she wants

As you can imagine, or guess from all my complaining, feeling better after all this dental crap hasn’t gone as smoothly as I would like. It has taken A LOT out of me. I’m just beat. All the time. (More than usual. And that’s saying something.) Since I expected the big Christmas tooth pull was the worst of it, I honestly thought I would be back to my old ways in no time. I couldn’t have been more wrong. With absolutely zero down time, I’m afraid that the recovery from the latest dental adventure was even worse than the one before. A little over two weeks out and I’m FINALLY not wincing in pain every time I yawn or eat or sneeze or (attempt) to brush my teeth. Eating can still be a challenge, but at least I’m doing better.

I also got myself a Monster’s Inc kiddie toothbrush because that’s how I roll.


(I needed a smaller toothbrush to handle the affected area. My dentist thought this might work better. Hilarious that when she pulled a couple from the drawer, I belted out “Sully!” when I saw it. Because I’m a grown-ass lady who knows what she wants out of life.)


Being so run down, it was nice that this weekend could be so low-key. The much needed rain gave us a perfect excuse to hunker down at home for most of the weekend. There were still things to get done (of course) but the four of us watched two movies on Saturday and one on Sunday. No really. I’m not lying. We actually did that.


Miraculously, we also left the house. We hung out at my sister’s house for a little bit on Saturday. We had dinner with some of our favorite people on Sunday. Sarah and I even participated in a local running event. Which was awesome, but…yeah. My training schedule is suffering most of all with all this recovery crap. I’m a little worried about it since we’re in the middle of our half marathon training. THIS COULD BE INTERESTING. Hopefully I’m back to it soon.



I’m trying to work out a better schedule over here. I loved looking back over January. LOVED. I want more of that. As proud as I am of posting here so much more, I’m struggling to do the same in February. I guess that when you give yourself an out, you take it. Or * I * take it. I’m a jerk.

But more than anything, I just want to remember. The good, the bad, even the indifferent. 10 days into February and I’m more tired than I ever expected, but there was fun to be had anyway. And lots of coffee. Because, duh.

Love my new mug that I won!
Love my new mug that I won!

Gonna make things happen. Here we go.