Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Features and Strategy

Hi all, today we are here to discuss a new Clash Royale character which is Giant Skeleton. Giant Skeleton is one of the main troop real-time duels of Clash Royale. Here, we have discussed all the attack and counter strategy along with the features of Giant Skeleton.


Giant Skeleton Clash Royale

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Features

  • Giant Skeleton is a new troop introduced in Clash Royale Game. Giant Skeleton can be unlocked from Arena 2 which is Bone Pit.
  • In Clash Royale, Giant skeleton holds a large explosive which is dropped when the Giant Skeleton is killed. The bomb dropped from Giant skeleton does an enormous amount of damage to ground/air troops, and Buildings surrounding it.
  • The bomb and barrel on this Clash Royale character appear to be taken from a Giant Bomb trap from Clash of Clans.
  • The damage done after the death of Giant skeleton is stronger than that of Clash Royale Balloon.
  • With the update on 29th Feb, Giant Skeletons hit points is increased by 11% and bomb timer from 1 second to 3 seconds.

Clash Royale Strategy Giant Skeleton

  • Giant Skeleton can be used efficiently as a meat shield and get enemy troops meet, and so when its bomb blows up, it will cause most neighboring enemy troops to die.
  • Giant Skeleton with Hog rider can be used to destroy Crown Tower easily. First, deploy Giant Skeleton and then Hog Rider after it. Hog rider targets building first, so it will push Giant Skeleton very quickly towards Crown tower thus Hog Rider will get free hits, and the Giant skeleton will survive, and once it reaches the tower, it will destroy it.
  • If the players timing is really good then, Giant Skeleton can be used to deal great damage to the crown tower by getting killed near the Crown tower as when the bomb explodes upon the Giant Skeletons death, it will deal a lot of damage to the Tower.
  • To counter Giant skeleton, Inferno Tower is one of the best options as it can effortlessly take down a Giant Skeleton without a solid group of troops, and additional usage of Elixir.
  • You can also use Spell cards like Fireball to deal great damage to Giant Skeleton.
  • It is really difficult to kill Giant Skeleton with week troops as they will also be killed once the Giant Skeleton is dead.

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton Statistics


Hit Speed1.5 second
Deploy Time1 second
Cost6 Elixir

Hope you liked to appreciate about this marvelous troop of the Clash Royale game. You can also look into the below links to know more about the game.