Tournament Winning Deck Archive

This is a chronological archive of decks that have won tournaments that were sanctioned by the Clash Royale International Tournaments and had 10 or more players.
To be included in this list, a tournament report had to be made on the Usenet newsgroup:

This archive will not include the Storyline Tournament Winning Decks.

Short Summary of Last Tournament

Before you judge that you are going to make a Clash Royale major trophy push there are a few items you should first consider. Getting those huge gem bonuses for trophy milestones is always tempting, but the game can become frustratingly difficult if you are not prepared.

Trophy pushes can be hard on both gold and elixir. The higher you go, the stronger the troops you will need to attack,  often draining your elixir reserves. Your base will also be defeated more frequently, costing you huge sums of gold to rearm traps, not to mention the loot you will lose from being raided.

So before you go on the hunt for those prestigious trophy cups, make sure that you’re both committed to the task and have the resources to see it through.

Our first trophy hunt video is by TheFrozenFurnace  Clash Royale. The thorough breakdown of three top flight attack strategies (Balloon/Minion, All Dragons, Golems/Pekka/Wizards) makes this video an instant classic. It’s a bit longer than typical Clash Royale videos but its worth every second.

Well, get more into trophy hunting in the weeks and months to come. For now, though we’ll leave you with a video that demonstrates how to trophy hunt using some of the cheapest Clash Royale troops. Here it is, an old favorite with a new spin, Barch attacking by MasterOv | Bloons TD Battles & More!

Clan wars in Clash Royale are so much fun. I’m not sure how much staying power the game would have if there were no wars. Farming and trophy hunting is great but who would stick around to play if that’s all there was. I’m not sure what Super Cell has in store for the future, but clan war tournaments and some form of individual competition would be fantastic for the game. Well, have to wait and see.

Clan Wars is a massive topic. There are so many different strategies out there. There is everything from war attacks, base design, match tweaking to army cost and profit ratio, all of which should be considered. I will try my best to cover as much as possible while sticking to the fundamentals. What it all boils down to though is who can get those stars. Attacking is all about three stars and defending is all about pitching shutouts.

Personally, the way I approach any war is a play to win. I don’t care how much elixir it costs; I just want to win. I’m super competitive when it comes to the wars. I don’t mind losing, but I always want to win. Profit is the least concern. I think the best approach to wars for any clan is that it’s an opportunity for the higher level players to help their lower players build up.

As well, wars are an awesome way to store loot. War attacks get pretty damn expensive. But once you spend that elixir on troops it can no longer be stolen by raiders. So while the war is still on, all that elixir you spent for your two attacks is stored away, hidden where no one can touch it.

Even in a loss you still receive a little return.  So even though you may not be profiting on elixir, it’s better than sitting on a big pile of loot that other players can come along and potentially scoop up any time you’re without a shield.

Alright, I think I’ve droned on for long enough. Let’s get right into it. Even though profit should be a minor concern, it should still be considered. In this video, Clash Royale with Cam goes over a great town hall seven war attack that is both powerful and cost effective.

Further, this basic strategy is going to be one of your strongest attacks from town hall 1-7. Once dragons are on the scene, it’s a whole new ball game, well, until town hall 9 and ten anyway. Cam covers everything from how to deal with clan castle troops to using giants as shields for wizards, all of which are fundamental tactics for guaranteeing those three stars. Enjoy.