Clash Royale Double Pekka Deck Strategy Explained

As the name indicates itself, we will be employing our two main cards. The Mini Pekka and the Pekka. An ideal approach to push to Arena 8 is by using these tactics. It’s a power-packed deck that trades loads of damage if timed perfectly and improvement to your gameplay is made.



PEKKA: The main offensive troop. If the elixir is planted, you would always want to start your push with this armored beast. Pekka combos with troops such as wizards can be used to counter many pushes.

MINI PEKKA: A card that deals quite a lot of damage. Is the ideal troop to counter a lot of small pushes such as the Giant, Prince, etc. Mini Pekka can be used to make drives stronger when placed along witches and wizards. A smaller tank version of the Pekka, it can be used to destroy defensive buildings also.

Goblins: Can be used with small pushes and also against small pushes. One of the cheapest offensive cards, Goblins deal a good amount of damage on towers if leveled up. It can also act as a good distraction when you know that your opponent’s splash damage cards are all used up.

Ice Wizard: A perfect card to counter swarm troops. You can also use the wizard, but the Ice Wizard is the better card. Ice Wizards, when used with Pekkas can give great support to the Pekka as it can destroy cheap swarm troops used as a distraction against the Pekka.

Witch: Moderate damage dealer with ranged area damage. Makes her ideal against low hitpoint swarm troops. The witch is also useful against slow troops. Since the witch keeps on spawning skeletons, it can be used for both offense and distraction. Works well when placed at a distance behind our Pekka.

Elixir Collector: Elixir Collector is most famous for counter pushes especially with Pekka. If you do not have elixir, in the beginning, play defensively first and later counter push with all your main troops after you plant your elixir.

Rage: Spell with the biggest radius out of all the spells. We use it at the crucial moment when all our leading hitters are targeting on the tower on the enemy side. Rage spell DOES NOT increase the strength. Just speeds it up.

Arrows: Cheaper than the fireball. We use it primarily to take down low hit point swarm troops. A leveled up arrow is highly effective against swarm troops when you don’t have your wizard to do splash damage.


The primary focus here is to create an unstoppable attack with the two Pekka, Wizard, and Witch along with rage. So, if you can build this up, ignore the enemy troops coming down the other lane. You will be able to the destroy the King tower quickly too. You are NOT trying to defend your towers all the time. Even if one of your towers is down, conserve your elixir and go for the final strike.

When placing the Witch, put her behind your King tower so as to give her time to spawn skeletons.
Go for the main push only when your elixir pump is up. Allows you to charge at your enemy with your double Pekka and wizard.

Always use the goblins and wizards behind the tank, to get maximum offense.