Clash Royale Cards Lists

1. Clash Royale Cards Goblin Hut:

Today, we are here with the first Clash Royale Building Cards that gets unlocked in Arena 1 i.e. Goblin Stadium. We are going to discuss in detail about the features and efficient use of this building card. We will also mention the tricks and tips related to this card.



Goblin Hut is a new element or card introduced in Clash Royale game which does not exist in Clash of Clans. This card gets unlocked in Arena 1 i.e. Goblin Stadium.

The Goblin Hut is a building in Clash Royale game that spawns Spear Goblins. Look wise; it resembles the Goblin Hut from the single-player campaign in the game, Clash of Clans.


  • It can be located on either side of the territory as the Spear Goblins target the next enemy cards or Crown Towers on the corresponding side on which the Hut is placed.
  • As the spawned Spear Goblins from Goblin Hut can immediately destroy the enemy melee troops which are in range, so it can use to counter other buildings like Tombstone or Barbarian Hut in the game.
  • Goblin Hut can also act as a shield for Crown Tower if placed in front of it thus delaying the destruction of the Tower while spawning at least 1 Spear Goblin.
  • Goblin Hut should be deployed far at the back of the player’s territory to make sure that the enemy troops can not attack it. It also ensures that the Hut will produce all the Spear Goblins by the time enemy troops reach there to attack.
  • As Goblin Hut is building so, it is a point of attack for Giant as he targets building in the Clash Royale game.
  • A Goblin Hut can be easily destroyed with spell cards like Goblin Barrel or Rocket.

2. Clash Royale X-Bow:

Today, we are going to discuss one of the important building cards in the Supercell game, Clash Royale. We are talking about Clash Royale X-Bow which plays a vital role at higher levels in the game. You will find below the features and strategy to use Clash Royale Elixir X-Bow.


Clash Royale X-Bow: Features

  • X-bow is a Clash Royale building card which is a variation of X-bow from the Supercell game Clash of Clans.  Card X-bow can be unlocked from the Arena 3 which is called Barbarian Bowl.
  • The X-bow can be used offensively due to its range (12) to destroy the Crown Tower with a range of 8.5 only.
  • If the X-Bow is arranged on the enemy half, it can target the Kings Tower, striking an enormous amount of damage and diminishing the Towers hit points.
  • In Clash Royale game, the X-Bow building card can only spot territory units while in Clash of Clans game it can be set to ground mode or ground & air mode.
  • The X-Bow has the longest deployment time of all cards in the game, clocking in at 5 seconds and the fastest hit speed of all cards in the game, at 0.3 seconds.
  • With Different updates in the Clash Royale game, X-Bows hit points is decreased by 15%, deployment time is increased to 5 sec from 3 sec and range also decreased from 13 to 12.

Clash Royale X-Bow: Strategy

Attack Strategy

  • In Clash Royale game, X-Bow is an excellent defensive building with the strength to get down massive numbers of small troops such as Goblins and Skeletons.
  • You can easily destroy a Crown Tower by an X-bow building card with the help of troops or buildings, such as Spear Goblins or a Tesla. Place the X-Bow behind such cards so that it will be protected.
  • The combo of high hit points troop, Giant and X-bow can easily take down opponents Crown tower as Giant can distract enemy troops/buildings, allowing an X-Bow to safely target and attack the opposing Crown Tower or enemy troops.
  • It is effective to deploy a Musketeer behind the river while the X-Bow is being deployed, taking out a large portion of its hit points before its ready to fire.

Counter Strategy

  • To counter X-Bow, the most effective way is to deploy Rocket spell on X-bow as the rocket is slow and the X-Bow is stationary. Rocket spells high damage and capability to be grouped anywhere can quickly take out a huge portion of the X-Bows hit points.
  • As the deployment of X-bows is little more, so you can also use building targeting troops like Giant, Hog Riders to destroy the X-Bow with the help of Archers and Spear Goblins backup.
  • An upgraded Rocket spell of Clash Royale game can destroy an X-Bow completely or deal extensive damage.