Official V:TES Players' Organization Announces 
Subscription-Based Newsletter

Fragment of the Book of Nod set for early April release

CHAMPAIGN, IL, March 1, 1999 - Vampire: Elder Kindred Network (V:EKN),
official players' organization of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle (V:TES),
is pleased to announce Fragment of the Book of Nod, newsletter for the
V:TES public, with the first issue going out the first week of April,

The main focus of the Fragment is on tournament play.  This includes
articles on tournament deck construction, official rulings and errata,
and upcoming tournament dates.  Up to now, V:tES tournament goers were
largely dependent on tournament postings in game shops and on the Internet
to find tournament information.

"We hope to make the Fragment something that every V:TES player looks
for in his mail box every three months," said Mike Bohlmann, editor of
the Fragment.  "Through this newsletter, we can build awareness in the
community of what's going on, where, and how."

The first issue will include articles on how to run a tournament, what to
expect at a tournament, and information on the new cards set for release
at the end of this year.  Future plans include a monthly feature about
gaming groups around the world and an ongoing cartoon about an Archon
caught up in Eternal Struggle between old and young, Camarilla and Sabbat.

Robert Goudie, Chairman of Vampire: Elder Kindred Network, said "I was
pleased to see that the Fragment contained useful information for new
players but was still valuable to veterans of the Jyhad."  "The
Fragment", said Robert, "is a wonderful resource for all who play

L. Scott Johnson, V:TES Net.Rep, said, "Through the newsletter, players
who don't have Internet access can be kept abreast of the latest
tournament rules and official errata and rulings. Future announcements
from the Rules Team and from the DCI will be released through the
newsletter as well as through the regular Internet channels."

Subscriptions for the Fragment cost $6 US for a full year of four issues
sent to North American addresses.  For outside North America, a year's
airmailed subscription costs $12 US.  Subscription orders can be sent to
V:EKN Productions, 307 West Clark Street Suite 103, Champaign, IL, 61820,
USA.  To contact the editor, you can write to this address or send
e-mail to Mike Bohlmann,

Mike Bohlmann, MAIP - Prince of Urbana-Champaign