Summon The Abyss

Name Age
Qty Title Clan
2 Alvaro, The Scion of Angelica 9 Archbishop Lasombra
1 Angelica, The Canonicus 10 Cardinal Lasombra
1 Antonio Delgado 9 Archbishop Lasombra
2 Aurora Van Brande, Paladin 6 none Lasombra
1 Gratiano 8 Priscus Lasombra
2 Guido Lucciano 5 none Lasombra
2 Jessica 7 Bishop Toreador Antitribu
1 Ayelea, The Manipulator 10 Cardinal Tremere Antitribu
Qty Name Type Requires Blood Pool Set Rarity
5 Bonding act mod dominate S C
4 Seduction act mod dominate V C
4 Shroud of Night act mod obtenebration S C
4 Scouting Mission action dominate S C
12 Summon the Abyss action obtenebration 3 S R
14 Arms of the Abyss combat obtenebration S C
15 Call the Lamprey combat obtenebration S U
4 Shadow Body combat obtenebration 1 S C
5 Trap combat S C
2 Leather Jacket equip S C
1 Arcanum Chapterhouse, Alexandria master A U
5 Blood Doll master S C
1 Elysian Fields master Lasombra 2 S U
1 Information Highway master S U
2 Political Hunting Ground master Lasombra 2 S U
3 Strained Vitae Supply master D U
2 Sudden Reversal master S U
6 Eyes of the Night react obtenebration S C
90 Total Library Cards
16 action
53 common 13 action modifier
25 uncommon 38 combat
12 rare 2 equipment
15 master
6 reaction

Game Environment: 90 card library limit, no card limit, post 5/1/00 RTR.
Only to be used when your prey is playing a weenie-horde deck.
Get out the 3 cheapest vamps with superior Obtenebration, and use
Summon the Abyss to remove blood from each of your prey's vampires.
Then block the resulting hunts and use Arms of the Abyss to avoid damage,
and Call the Lamprey to steal any blood they may have gained.

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