Shadow Court Satyr

Qty	Name	Age	Title	Disciplines
 2	Caitlin	 5	Bishop	AN, au, do, PT
 2	Luther	 6	none	AN, fo, ot, pt
 2	Monique	 5	none	an, au, fo, pt
 2	Pieter	 6	none	fo, OB, PT, th
 2	Sadie	 2	none	pt
 2	Zachary	 7	none	CE, fo, OB, pr, PT

Qty	Name			Type	Requires	Blood	Pool   Set   Rarity
 5	Bribes			act mod					S	C
 8	Earth Control		act mod	protean		  1		V	C
 9	Computer Hacking	action					S	C 
 7	Shadow Court Satyr	ally	Gan. Anti.		 3	S	R
 4	Bone Spur		combat	protean		  1		S	C
15	Earth Meld		combat	protean				V	C
 1	Laptop Computer		equip				 1	S	C
 3	Sport Bike		equip				 1	V	U
 1	Barrens, The		master					S	C
 1	Campground H. G.	master	Gan. Anti.		 2	S	U
 5	Minion Tap		master					V	C
 7	Short-Term Investment	master				 1	S	C
 2	Autarkis Persecution	pol act					V	C
 2	Consanguineous Boon	pol act					S	C
 1	Disputed Territory	pol act					S	C
 3	Forced Awakening	react					S	C
 3	Pack Tactics		react			  1		S	C
 5	Homunculus		retain	protean				V	U

82 Total library cards
			 9 action
			13 action modifier
			 7 ally
			19 combat
     66	common		 4 equipment
      9	uncommon	14 master
      7	rare		 5 political action
		         6 reaction
		         5 retainer

	Game Environment: NCL, post 1/5/99 RTR.

	The Satyr's have an inherent bleed and can use any combat card that is
	in your hand when you recruit them.  Give them an Earth Meld and have
	them attempt to bleed every turn or give them a sport bike and make them
	the safest blockers you have.
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