Tremere / Tremere Antitribu Voting Block
The Ritual of Voting

Qty Name Age Title Clan
1 Cardano 9 Prince Tremere
2 Etrius 11 Inner Circle Tremere
1 Javier Montoya 9 Prince Tremere
1 Spiridonas 9 Prince Tremere
2 Ulugh Beg, The Watcher 10 Justicar Tremere
2 Ayelea, The Manipulator 10 Cardinal Tremere Antitribu
1 Ethan Locke 9 Archbishop Tremere Antitribu
2 Kij Dansky 8 Priscus Tremere Antitribu
Qty Name Type Requires Blood Pool Set Rarity
4 Bonding act mod dominate S C
6 Seduction act mod dominate V C
8 Govern the Unaligned action dominate 1 V C
1 Rutor's Hand action thaumaturgy 1 D C
7 Apportation combat thaumaturgy S C
11 Theft of Vitae combat thaumaturgy S C
4 Information Highway master V U
2 Life Boon master V U
8 Minion Tap master V C
1 Parthenon, The master 2 A V
3 Anarchist Uprising pol act S C
1 Ancient Influence pol act V C
4 Consanguineous Boon pol act S C
3 Conservative Agitation pol act V C
1 Disputed Territory pol act S C
4 Domain Challenge pol act V C
4 Dramatic Upheaval pol act V V
3 Kine Resources Contested pol act V C
1 Political Stranglehold pol act S U
1 Tradition Upheld pol act D C
8 Deflection react dominate 1 V C
5 Wake with Evening's Freshness react V C
90 Total Library Cards
10 action modifier
78 common 9 action
12 uncommon 18 combat
0 rare 15 master
25 political action
13 reaction

Game Environment: 90 card library limit, NCL, post 5/1/00 RTR.

A vote deck showing the power of permanent votes, and the power of common cards. This deck won 4 of 5 victory points the first time it was played, and then I added the Life Boons. Best case scenario is to go third or later, play an Information Highway, put 5 on Etrius, next turn bring him out with the next six transfers, Govern down, and then bring out Cardano or another 8-9 point voter. Then Minion Tap and vote away!

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