Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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A deck designed by The Lasombra

Deck Name : When Mictlantecuhtli Went Down To Texas
Author : Lasombra
Description :
M will borrow Talbot's Chainsaw for the damage prevention, press,
and enter combat abilities.  He'll assign the damage to himself
and ignore it.  The two Targets both prevent pressing to end, so
the Talbot or Immortal Grapple press should be successful in ensuring
a second round when necessary or appropriate.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 6 max: 10 average: 8.58333
5x Mictlantecuhtli     10 ANI FOR POT THA pre pro           Gangrel:5
3x Ryder               7  FOR PRO ani pot                   Gangrel:4
2x Gwyedd              10 ANI DEM FOR POT PRO tem  primogen Gangrel:4
2x Lise                6  ANI FOR pot pro                   Gangrel:5

Library [90 cards]
Action [11]
  1x Ambush
  1x Big Game
  1x Bum's Rush
  1x Charge of the Buffalo
  1x Covenant of Blood
  1x Deep Song
  1x Harass
  2x Magic of the Smith
  1x Sense Death
  1x Taunt the Caged Beast

Action Modifier [10]
  10x Freak Drive

Combat [49]
  2x Decapitate
  2x Disarm
  10x Immortal Grapple
  2x Pulled Fangs
  5x Skin of Rock
  8x Slam
  5x Soak
  2x Street Cred
  3x Target Head
  3x Target Vitals
  7x Taste of Vitae

Equipment [3]
  1x Eye of Hazimel
  2x Talbot's Chainsaw

Event [1]
  1x Dragonbound

Master [16]
  1x Ecoterrorists
  2x Fame
  4x Information Highway
  2x Perfectionist
  6x Villein
  1x Zoo Hunting Ground

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