Malkavians with Flamethrowers
scare the Rotschreck right out of you

Qty Name Age Title Clan
1 Didi Meyers 5 none Malkavian
1 Dollface 3 none Malkavian
2 Gilbert Duane 7 Prince Malkavian
2 Mariel, Lady Thunder 7 none Malkavian
1 Normal 2 none Malkavian
1 Roland Bishop 4 none Malkavian
1 Victoria 5 none Malkavian
1 Watenda 3 none Malkavian
1 Zebulon 5 none Malkavian
1 Zoe 3 none Malkavian
Qty Name Type Requires Blood Pool Set Rarity
4 Cloak the Gathering act mod obfuscate S C
3 Faceless Night act mod obfuscate V C
4 Lost in Crowds act mod obfuscate S C
4 Bum's Rush action V C
8 Govern the Unaligned action dominate 1 V C
3 Graverobbing action dominate V U
2 Hidden Lurker action obfuscate V C
2 Night Moves action obfuscate V U
1 Muddled Vampire Hunter ally Malkavian 2 V U
8 Disguised Weapon combat obfuscate S C
8 Dodge combat V C
8 Flamethrower equip 4 S U
1 Sengir Dagger equip 2 V R
5 Blood Doll master V C
6 Madness Network master Malkavian V R
1 Parthenon, The master 2 A V
8 Rotschreck master J R
2 Eagle's Sight react auspex V U
1 Forced Awakening react S C
6 Spirit's Touch, The react auspex J C
4 Telepathic Misdirection react auspex 1 V C
1 Mr. Winthrop retain V R
90 total library cards
11 action modifier
19 action
1 ally
57 common 16 combat
17 uncommon 9 equipment
16 rare 20 master
13 reaction
1 retainer

Game Environment: 90 card library limit, NCL, post 12/6/99 RTR.

This takes up the idea of Malkavians Rushing out-of-turn
with the Madness Network, pulling out a Disguised Flamethrower
and sending the enemy to torpor with Rotschreck if they can
prevent the damage or end the combat. Needs more wakes.
I also intend to add an Ivory Bow if I can find one in trade.

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