Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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This is my page of decks sorted by clan.
If a deck is not based on a clan, or is not primarily one clan,
it may not be listed where you would expect on this page (or may not appear at all).

Here is a page of Tournament Winning Decks sorted by Clan.

Ahrimanes | Akunanse | Assamite | Baali | Blood Brothers
Brujah | Brujah Antitribu | Daughters of Cacophony | Followers of Set
Gangrel | Gangrel Antitribu | Gargoyles | Giovanni | Guruhi
Harbingers of Skulls | Ishtarri | Kiasyd | Lasombra
Malkavian | Malkavian Antitribu | Nosferatu | Nosferatu Antitribu
Osebo | Pander | Ravnos | Salubri | Salubri Antitribu | Samedi
Toreador | Toreador Antitribu | Tremere | Tremere Antitribu
True Brujah | Tzimisce | Ventrue | Ventrue Antitribu


--The Ahrimanes make great Falconers.
--The Ahrimanes are Politically Correct Political Activists.
--My Angel, the Wildebeest.
--In 2008, Howler becomes a Falconer again.
--The Ahrimanes turn Hell-for-Leather into a Constant Revolution.
--Howler investigates the Blessing of the Beast. (Extended Research)
--Muricia begins sniping at the world.


--Amavi shakes her money maker.
--The Embrace of the Akunanse.
--The Anarch Revolt introduces a Friend of Mine.
--Matata's Blood Milk enables a multi-rush deck.
--Matata's Menagerie demonstrates a powerful intercept deck.
--Now is a good time to meet the Akunanse.
--The Akunanse declare that there shall be No Secrets from the Magaji.
--The Akunanse have a good recycling idea with Turbo Amavi.
--The Akunanse display great political power when Nkule comes to town.
--The Akunanse belief in No Secrets is enough to win a tournament.
--The Akunanse will Whistle Up Your Beast to keep their predator's at bay.
--Nkule Galadima goes into Turbo mode.
--Kamiri wa Itherero teams up with Nostoket.
--Kamiri wa Itherero attempts to remove all of the blood from the world.
--Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage.
--Uchenna's Tunnel Runners take on your prey for you.
--The Magaji reveal their fortitude and their presence of mind.


--When Ancient Hearts first came out the Assamites took combat to a new level.
--At long last, the Dark Jedi have revealed themselves.
--The Assamites have demonstrated some fierce Loyalty.
--The Butcher, the Bakr, and the Candlestick Maker have no Secrets from the Magaji.
--Alamut on my mind.
--The Assamites with +1 strength train to Strike At The True Flesh.


--Nergal is the quintessential Reckless Agitator!
--Nergal Shatters the Gates on his way out of hell.
--The Greater Curse of the Infernal Servitor is at long last revealed.
--The Salubri Antitribu forge a bound with their enemies, which results in a Blessing of the Unnamed.
--Xeper, Sultan of Lepers casts an Evil Eye on your opponents.

Blood Brothers

--The Torrance Circle has an Unwholesome Bond.
--The Joe Boot Hill Experience is to die for!
--The Chicago Circle Blood Brothers have a tightly targeted business proposition.


--A Jyhad only deck for the Brujah, including a lot of shopping.
--Black Cat knows a lot about Arms Dealers.
--The Treachery of Anarchs is astounding.
--The Youngest Princes aren't abusive, just prolific.
--The Brujah Princes combine Rush and Intercept to devastating effect.
--The Brujah are inspired to be Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.
--Hektor's justicar sweetie will choose the next Imperator.
--Jaroslav Pascek Garrote a little surprise for you.

Brujah Antitribu

--The Brujah Antitribu, fight really well especially a Sword of Judgement carrying Jacko.
--Celeterious Hand Damage can be quite amusing, and has only 6 uncommon cards with no rares.
--The Brujah Antitribu know how to control a vote.

Daughters of Cacophony

--The Great Girl Band will have an intersting Concert Tour.
--Jost's Daughters revel in the Echo of Harmonies.
--Scout Youngwood leads off with a Shattering Crescendo.
--Scout Youngwood goes off on a Free States Rant.
--Josette follows Scout's lead to the Khobar Towers.
--Francois Villon revels in his association with the Daughters of Cacophony.

Followers of Set

--The Followers of Set promise to Tempt your minions in sickness and in health. (Revised)
--The Mark of Damnation turns combat decks on their ears.
--Porphyrion moves to Heidelburg.
--Allonzo's Eternal Mask can be quite frightening.


--Everything has beginnings, and Gangrel Old School will show you what they were.
--The Gangrel Demo deck.
--With Garou, Garou, Garou, guess who comes over to play.
--A second better argument for card limits, my Protean Horde was the
final nail in the coffin for repeating actions.
--Weenie Horde decks make a comeback with my Fortitude Horde.
--Gangrel with plus hand damage can be aggravating.
--Just when you thought intercept was enough, along come unblockable actions in Dominating in the Daytime.
--A post 1/5/99 Jyhad only deck, the Gangrel demonstrate the effectiveness of the Movement of the Slow Body.
--A post 1/5/99 Jyhad only deck, the Gangrel demonstrate the power of other vampire's fears, using Rotschreck.
--Atonement with Birds, brings out many animal retainers, learns disciplines,
and then intercepts every action because it never has to tap.
--The Gangrel Princes just say NO!
--Blanche Hill is responsible for the Resurrection of the Renegade Garou.
--Nadima and Smiling Jack.
--The Gangrel and Gangrel Antitribu join up for some Proteolicious Skullduggery.
--Ariadne's Trophy Ritual.
--Stanislava and Fakir Gather the Gangrel.
--Rejoice in the presence of the new Gangrel.
--Mictlantecuhtli and Qawiyya el-Ghaduba hang out with some awesome artifacts.
--Mictlantecuhtli and the Gangrel have a potent effect with Talbot's Chainsaw.

Gangrel Antitribu

--The Shadow Court Satyr is a great bleeder/blocker.
--What a time for a Gangrel Conspiracy.
--The Psyche! behind Earth Meld.
--Jalan-Aajav's big Black Fist.
--Jalan-Aajav trims the Fat.
--The Gangrel Antitribu begin to Bay and Howl.
--The Dual Form of Protean Voting makes a powerful statement in the political area.
--Xendil and Nadima sitting in a tree.
--Una defends against the world.
--The Gangrel and Gangrel Antitribu join up for some Proteolicious Skullduggery.
--Enkidu has a marvelous Raptor training camp.
--Una tools up to defend her new best friend, Smiling Jack.
--Xendil "Snake" Charmer Hatches a Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.III
--Enkidu takes the raptors out for a training exercise.
--Una still wins when getting the most toys.


--An Independent Gargoyle will strike fear into the hearts of all.
--Leave the Gargoyles to the defend the Haven, while Rebekka and Muaziz spend the night out on the town.
--The Gargoyles by themselves will let a Conscripted Statue do the fighting.
--Chaundice invites you to his real Recruiting Party.


--The Giovanni have an interesting twist on the Vampires struggle.
--When Ambrosius, The Ferryman Takes Up Talbot's Chainsaw, heads roll.
--The Giovanni master Weather Control with Ex Nihilo.
--The Giovanni clan prove to be a Master of Puppets.
--The Reckless Necromancers benefit from the Fall of the Camarilla.


--The Ananasi Vampirephile is a powerful werewolf that helps defend the Guruhi.
--Eze and the Guruhi are the Land.
--The Guruhi go on a North Georgia Death Ride.
--Politics has been quick-and-Eze for the Guruhi.
--Nana Buruku stars in this year's Lilith Fair.
--Enter into the Presence of the Magaji.

Harbingers of Skulls

--By controlling the Sabbat, we are seeing the Beginings of Vengeance.
--In the end, everyone curses those meddling Harbingers.
--The Possession of Unre.
--The Harbingers of Hordes.
--The Harbingers demonstrate a Legion of Temptation.
--The Harbingers of Skulls collect Trophies.
--Byzar has the awesome experience of +1 stealth all the time.
--Uriel makes friends with the Harbingers of Skulls.
--Byzar has no fear of Archon Investigation.
--Byzar has plenty of kin with obfuscate and fortitude.


--Red-listed Informants make the Ishtarri bearers of many Trophies.


--The Kiasyd have a very diverse toolbox.
--There is nothing more spectacular than a Darkling Metamorphosis.
-- The Ravaging Hunter knows no concern for pool or blood.


--The Lasombra have some things in common. A deck containing only 3 uncommon cards, the rest are common.
--The Lasombra can do some amazing things with intercept.
--The mighty Lasombra would love to have you join them.
--The Lasombra make excellent hitmen.
--The Lasombra have a tendency to Rape and Burn their prey. (Revised) [Final]
--The Lasombra like a little Shade.
--The Lasombra have a powerful voting effect. Version 2
--When the Lasombra Summon the Abyss, weenie-hordes must watch out!
--The Embrace of the Lasombra is awe inspiring!
--The Lasombra Toolbox.
--When the Twins Embrace, the whole table can fall under shadow!
--In the Presence of Lasombra.
--Black Metamorphosis makes for a powerful combat.
--At long range, Black Metamorphosis will have your opponents seeing Lids and Cars.
--A Shadow Parasite on your soul!
--The Lasombra reap the Boons of Creation.
--The Lasombra - Venture Antitribu Connection.
--The Lasombra can create some excellent Shock Troops.
--Long Live the Lasombra!
--Smiling Jack is one of the best Lasombra Tools.
--Gratiano purges Baltimore!
--The Anarch Troublemaker will kiss the girls and make them cry.
--The Lasombra Embrace the Austrian Nationals.
--The Lasombra are designed for governing.
--The Lasombra control the Anarch Troublemaker.
--The Lasombra believe in Guns and Freedom.
--The Ebony Hand of the Lasombra.
--New Lasombra voting.
--Lucita goes on an Assault Rifle based Rampage.
--The Abyssal Hunters are directed by the Lasombra with the help of Jake Washington.
--The Fifth Tradition is given to the Hunters.
--A Sudden Anarch Troublemaker can surprise the table with a game win.
--Angelica, the Canonicus is Dragonbound.
--The Lasombra attend the School of Bakija.
--In Gehenna, the Lasombra will play as though they were Ventrue.
--Gratiano's Children's Crusade takes cities by storm.
--Lucita is the Big Game Expert.
--The Lasombra demonstrate that they can take control of your animal nature.
--Lucita empowers the Nocturns to bleed.
--Francisco Domingo de Polonia inspires the Nocturns to Greatness.
--The Black Hand will unleash the power of the Nocturn!
Black Hand attempts to take over Dallas.
--The titled vampires with obtenebration bring out the vote.
--Lucita embraces her Camarilla Vitae Slave.
--Lucita gets a little Reckless.
--Ambrosio Luis Monšada, Plenipotentiary will put you in Awe of the Soul Gem.
--In 2008, Gratiano chooses to Purge Baltimore again.
--Anton de Concepcion begins to Sense the Savage Way.
--The Lasombra can begin to necromance the shadows.
--Anton tries to be the new Howler.
--Nocturns turn the Enkil Cog for the Lasombra win.
--Appius takes his own Path.
--Lasombra with thaumaturgy seek out the famous.
--Onaedo spends a Nocturn in LA.
--Appius has always been fond of Nocturns.
--Anton visits the House of Sorrows to ensure the best Coven.
--Tobias operates the Death Star Cannon.
--Giangaleazzo, The Traitor has been inspired by Selma, the Repugnant.
--Anton hates equipment, but he's no Luddite.
--The Lasombra mid-capacity vampires hit the sweet spot of power and resilience.
--The Memory of Demons gives rise to the Zombie guarding our pool.
--XZealot has inspired Nehemiah and Giangaleazzo to hook up and control the world.


--A Jyhad only deck, The Original Sneak and Bleed got really tired.
--When All Malkavians Vote you are in trouble, get out a horde of Malkavians with Govern the Unaligned,
The Fourth Tradition, and Scouting Mission. Then rearrange the world as you see fit.
--Malkavians with Flamethrowers will scare the Rotschreck right out of you.
--Tired of being bled? Try Bleed Me? Bleed Yourself!!
--When Malkavians Atone with Guns, you are in trouble.
--A Jyhad only deck, with Malkavians Voting, anything goes.
--The Malkavians perform an Onyxia Wipe when stopping the DoTs.

Malkavian Antitribu

--Wouldn't you like to be a Malkavian Antitribu too?
--When your prey has the Mind of a Child, he is very susceptible to Flamethrowers.
--Once the Lunatics start Erupting the Malkavian Antitribu have a great time!
--Elimelech reunites with his Black Hand Malkavian Antitribu brethren.
--The potence of dementation is revealed!


--A Jyhad only deck, the Nosferatu could sneak or fight.
--The Potence of Animalism is finally revealed.
--The Potence of Fortitude is also revealed. After the June 23rd Rules Team Rulings, this deck got reworked.
--The Nosferatu Princes do almost as well.
--Meet the Nosferatu!
--Cock Robin and his Raptors.
--The Harrod - Cailean alliance.
--In fact, the Nosferatu do Mind.
--Alonso Petrodon was betrayed by contesting at the NAC 2009.
--The Nosferatu plan to visit Warsaw frequently, perhaps even for the 2011 European Championship.

Nosferatu Antitribu

--The Nosferatu Antitribu know your Dirty Little Secrets.
--The Nosferatu Antitribu have been known to vote decisively.
--The Harrod - Cailean alliance.
--The Nosferatu Antitribu reveal a strong Black Hand.
--The Nosferatu Antitribu truly control the Vermin Channel.
--Ysador the Foul has great success with Scattershot.
--Cailean is eternally vigilant in his sniper's nest.
--The Nosferatu Antitribu use Enkil Cog to use the advantage of the Edge.
--The Nosferatu Antitribu are prepared to vote in the win!


--The Magaji can display the fruits of Auspex in their labors.
--Yes, Ceseway IS untapped again.
--Cesewayo's Secretive Gathering is very defensive.
--The Osebo are renowned for their Advanced Fee Fraud 419 Operation.


--My version of the Legacy of Pander deck.


--The Ravnos take an interesting look at Not Acting.
--Seven Raptors are better than a Thought's Betrayed.
--Drawing Out The Beast is a post 12/6/99 Jyhad-only library, that will send
everyone to torpor while taking little or no damage itself.
--The Mass Reality of Zip Guns.
--With a little Sleight of Hand, the Ravnos have some powerful bleed.
--Watch out as Gabrin nails them to the floor.
--The true value of Far Fatuus is just now being revealed.
--The Imposing Phantasm's Nightmare Curse!
--The Ravnos take back Baltimore.
--After an inspiring draft tournament, the Ravnos decide to rock the vote.
--Mata Hari waters the turbo strategy.
--My Draba Kumpania will slowly control the world!


--The A&M deck, with Ecstatic Agony and Masochism.
--Blanche Hill is responsible for the Resurrection of the Renegade Garou.
--Matthias will work hard to control the Thirteen Ghosts.
--The Salubri have the potential to be excellent Snipers.
--Storyline Salubri love to manipulate the Spirit Marionette.
--Saulot brings the Trophies home.
--Saulot makes the scene.
--That's Saulot of Void.
--Saulot takes control of Khobar Towers.
--Saulot thinks long and hard about the Path of Tears.
--Saulot's Infernal Familiar will take your soul.

Salubri Antitribu

--Adonai is familiar with a Blessing of the Name.
--The A&M deck, with Ecstatic Agony and Masochism.
--Adonai bleeds for 3.
--The Salubri Antitribu collect many Trophies.
--Adonai and Dela Eden do the Darby Dance.
--Adonai and Dela Eden spread a Blissful Agony.
--Adonai has learned to Target Vitals with his Eye of Unforgiving Heaven.
--The youngest most insightful Tremere join forces with Adonai and Dela Eden to Eye your Vitals some more.
--Adonai reveals his Sword of the Monster!
--Adonai has been accused of being passive-aggressive.
--Adonai invites some Brothers into his protective Embrace.
--Adonai is revealed as a conniving Abbot.
--Adonai has a Failsafe plan for Eden to Sense the Death of his enemies.
--Adonai sets his Eyes on Las Vegas.
--At long last, it is revealed that I am I.
senses the deaths around him.
--Adonai's Imperator Artistry.
--Adonai's Imperator Assignment.
--Adonai's Imperator Friends.
--Adonai's Imperator Impersonation.
--Adonai's Imperator Thuggery.
--Adonai's Imperator ultimatum.
--The Return of Q is significant.
--The Bahari are taken by storm with the arrival of the Bloodline: Redlist!
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba and Enkidu, The Noah team up!
--The Salubri Antitribu know how to display heart.
--Uriel has Eyes of Unforgiving Argus.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba asserts an Undue Influence on the Anarchs.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba takes Hazimel's Eye around to visit the Famous.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba keeps her Eye on Talbot's Chainsaw.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba rocks the vote.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba is the Weapon Smith of the Righteous.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba is the lead-off batter for Bellona's Baseball Team.
--When Azrael Hunts everyone benefits.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba is a proponent of the Path of the Anonymous Daggers of the Righteous.
--It has been revealed that Adonai is the father!
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba is Reborn as an Infamous Insurgent.
--Uriel learns of Vitae from Saulot, The Wanderer.
--Qawiyya el-Ghaduba Garrote a little surprise for you.
--Uriel and Dela Eden team up to reveal that the Eye is Prime!
--When Azrael Hunts, those in the know call it The Robyn.


--The Samedi have the best dance of all.
--Morlock teams up with some Reanimated Corpses.
--Allonzo helps with an Off-Kilter Enticement.


--Originally the Toreador did quite well.
--The Toreador Demo deck.
--An argument for card limits, my Presence Horde ended up convincing people
that no repeat actions was necessary.
--Anson's Betrayers.
--When the Toreador Grand Ball came out, the table was in for a surprise.[Final]
--A post 1/5/99 Jyhad only deck, the Toreador take up voting.
--A post 12/6/99 Jyhad-only deck, the Justicars use the Temptation of Greater Power to sweep tables.
--The Poetry of Power Voting brings the two Toreador clans together.
--Madam Guil's Rampage of Righteousness takes Forced March to its natural conclusion.
--With the Keepers of Tradition, everything old is new again.

Toreador Antitribu

--The Toreador Antitribu are known for their Aggressive Tactics.
--When the Toreador Antitribu came along, The Art of Pain was truly well received.
--Also well received, Palla Grande gives Debauchery a good name.
--What a Majestic Psyche!.
--When the Toreador Antitribu Vote, the table witnesses the Art of a good debate.
--The new Toreador Anitribu Toolbox.
--A Flurry of Tongue Action is performed by the Toreador Antitribu.
--Miller invites everyone to learn the art of Bahari.


--The Tremere Demo deck.
--A deck from right after Ancient Hearts was released, the Tremere Old School vanguard did well.
--With the Coming of the Magi, the Vampire world gets turned on its ear by a many, many Mages.
--The consummate Bruise and Bleed deck is made up of Tremere and Tremere-Antitribu.
--Cryptic Missions are the plan for these Thaumaturgy Weenies. (Revised)
--Pulse of the Canaille, when inherently stealthed, has become deadly.
--With Thaumaturgical Fortitude anything is possible. After the 6/23 and 7/7 rules changes, this deck got reworked.
--With Animalistic Thaumaturgy combat should get scary.
--With Thaumaturgical Celerity things should get interesting quickly.
--A Jyhad only Deck, many off clan Vampires used Thaumaturgy.
--The Tremere Princes will do as well after a little trading.
--The Ritual of Voting keeps these two Tremere clans from each others throats.
--The Tremere are masters of Perfect Clarity.
--Meet the New Tremere!
--Witchy Woman coming after you.
--Erichtho Unmasks the Outcast Mages.
--Carna and Oliver Thrace take Smiling Jack to meet the Dragonbound.
--The Tremere have become Trophy Hunters.
--Cardano works his own Red List.
--The House of Tremere reunites to burn the Anathema.
--Muaziz gets inspired by Una.
--Tremere returns in the body of Goratrix.
--Uta's Rego Motus proves strong.
--Mistress Fanchon resurrects the Ritual of Voting.
--Fidus joins the Imperator Selection Committee.
--Gerald Windham is the man.
--Gerald Windham will select the next Imperator.
--Uta Kovacs really hates the Ventrue Antitribu and Weenie Auspex decks.

Tremere Antitribu

--With their Spirit Summoning Chamber the Tremere Antitribu looked unstoppable.
--Dragos learns a Shotgun Ritual from the Tremere Antitribu.
--How could you ask for anything more than Ian Forestal Plus!
--The Tremere Antitribu take up voting. Final Nights Version
--Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
--Ladislaw Toth keeps his Eye on Talbot.
--Antonio d'Erlette will invite Nine Nephandi to party with your MoM.
--Goratrix is running out of time.

True Brujah

--The True Brujah make an alliance with Cailean.
--Nu is the Pack Alpha.
--Al-Muntathir Summons The History Of Voting.


--When the War Ghouls come calling, everyone runs for cover. (Revised)
--Dragos and the Tzimisce surprised everyone.
--Dragos' Breath of the Dragon is very strong.
--A suprisingly effective rush deck using the Tzimisce, Bonecraft and traps. (Revised)
--Dragos gets Potent!
--Dragos learns a Shotgun Ritual from the Tremere Antitribu.
--When the Tzimisce bauble, Assault Rifles once again become useful.
--The Tzimisce have quite a say in politics.
--My Revenants have the Sight of Eagles.
--What comes out of the Tzimisce's Toolbox?
--A powerful Bloodform helps see the bodies hit the floor.
--The Tzimisce have Primal Instincts.
--It is hard to Read Intentions during a Meeting of the Prisci.
--A Malleable Visage with reveal Art's Traumatic Essence.
--An Anarch Troublemaker slips you some Tongue.
--The Tzimisce grab the Reins of Power.
--The new Tzimisce snipers.
--The Little Tailor of Prague Unmasks the War Ghouls.
--The Tzimisce's Telepathic Breath will keep the faint of heart away from your pool.
--Velya the Voter ensures votes lock and crushed enemies.
--Cyscek's Soul Decorations make for a quick game.
--The Tzimisce vote to dominate the Praxis Seizure: Atlanta 2005 event.
--Sha-Ennu is a Monster!
--The Little Tailor's little friends are just as effective in 2008.
--Demdemeh's Bestial recruits a whole new kind of ally.
--Vampire biker babes go in search of Fuel.
--Parity Shift was made to pay for War Ghouls.
--Nana Buruku is a great Piper.


--The Ventrue Demo Deck.
--The Ventrue can recruit their own and show the versatility of Freak Drive.
--The Ventrue have some hidden Hostility.
--The Abuse of Power is so tempting.
--If you liked the Abuse of Power, try being in Awe of Abuse.
--A Jyhad only deck, A Dominating Presence made itself known early on.
--Princely Dominion is easy to establish, but difficult to sustain.
--A Jyhad only deck, the votes came from the Ventrue.
--The Princes' Weenie-Killer.
--Watch out for Lucita's Camarilla Connection, it looks like the Kiss of Ra.
--Marcus Vitel does the Traditional Ventrue Dance of Joy.
--Don't Block the Ventrue!
--The real Red List is a rather effective way for the Camarilla to re-exert control over the vampiric world.
--The Ventrue Princes enlist Matthias to act on their Anathema.
--Mary Anne Blaire will select the next Imperator.
--Karsh has Imperator Designs of his own.
--Gustav Breidenstein heads up a powerful but vanilla Law Firm.

Ventrue Antitribu

--The Ventrue Antitribu love to procreate, and invest.
--The best offense is a good defense, and the Ventrue Antitribu love to defend.
--The Ventrue Antitribu take a look at offensive intercept.
--The Ventrue Antitribu have been known to use a little bit of manipulation to get votes to go their way.
--The Lasombra - Venture Antitribu Connection.

Last Updated February 16th, 2013 by The Lasombra