Deck Name:The Tremere Antitribu keep their Eye on Talbot
Created By:The Lasombra
Description:Ladislaw Toth takes up both the Eye of Hazimel and Talbot's Chainsaw with Magic of the Smith. He can then take two rush actions per turn for the rest of the game. The other vampires are only there to support the necessary blood and pool gain required to keep the Eye and Talbot's functional. Use Absimilard's Army if it comes up to have minions to sacrifice to the Chainsaw. Use the Path of Lilith and Dragonbound to oust your successive preys.
Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 15, Max: 29, Avg: 5.75)
4  Ladislas Toth          for AUS DOM THA  7,  Tremere Antitribu, Archbishop
1  Saiz                   aus dom          3,  Tremere Antitribu
1  Yasmin the Black       dom pre AUS THA  6,  Tremere antitribu
1  Thelonius              aus dom tha      4,  Tremere Antitribu
1  Selena                 AUS DOM THA      6,  Tremere antitribu
1  Reverend Blackwood     DOM obf THA      6,  Tremere Antitribu, Bishop
1  Heinrick Schlempt      tha              2,  Tremere Antitribu
1  Elena Mendoza Vasquez  dom obt AUS THA  6,  Tremere Antitribu
1  Kij Dansky             AUS DOM obt THA  8,  Tremere Antitribu, Priscus
Library: (90 cards)
Master (14 cards)
5  Blood Doll
1  Communal Haven: Cathedral
1  Elder Library
1  Fame
2  Fortitude
1  Infernal Pact
1  Path of Lilith, The
1  Sociopath
1  University Hunting Ground
Action (14 cards)
4  Govern the Unaligned
4  Magic of the Smith
6  Recure of the Homeland
Action Modifier (14 cards)
4  Bonding
8  Freak Drive
2  Seduction
Reaction (17 cards)
4  Deflection
4  Enhanced Senses
4  Forced Awakening
5  Telepathic Counter
Combat (24 cards)
5  Apportation
4  Aura Reading
3  Blood Fury
3  Superior Mettle
4  Walk of Flame
5  Weather Control
Events (3 cards)
1  Absimilard's Army
1  Blood Trade
1  Dragonbound
Equipment (4 cards)
2  Eye of Hazimel
2  Talbot`s Chainsaw