2011 North American
Continental Championship

Week of Nightmares

June 19-22, 2011

Here is the schedule for the "Week of Nightmares" events that will
lead up to the events that will be held at the Origins convention and
2011 NAC:

Sunday, June 19th 2011
Great Lakes Regional Qualifier
Comic Shop Plus
235 S 21st Street
Newark, OH  43055 USA
3r + F
1pm to 9pm

Monday, June 20th 2011
GT event #1
3600 Trabue Rd
Columbus, OH 43204 USA
2r + F
11am to 5pm

GT event #2
2r + F
6pm to Midnight

Tuesday, June 21st 2011
GT event #3
2r + F
11am to 5pm

GT event #4
Draft/Limited event
2r + F
6pm to Midnight
$8 entry fee
3 packs 3rd Ed + 1 pack Black Hand
20 card min deck, 4 card crypt and 2 recursions

Wednesday, June 22nd 2011
GT event #5
2r + F
11am to 5pm

GT event #6
2r + F
6pm to Midnight


All of the Week of Nightmares events but GT event #4 are constructed
and have no entry fee.  GT event #4 is an $8 draft.  We ask that you
please give business to the host stores.  The events at the Origins
convention  ( http://www.originsgames.com/ ) run Thursday June 23rd
2011 through Sunday June 26th 2011.  Those events require a convention
badge and event tickets.

The Origins convention is held in the Columbus convention center at
400 N High St Columbus, OH 43215.  Air travelers should use Port Columbus
International Airport (CMH).

Travelers should book lodging for themselves at any Columbus area
hotel.  Travelers without cars should use one of the many hotels
within walking distance of the Columbus Convention center.

Shuttle service from downtown Columbus and the airport to and from the
Week of Nightmares events will be provided to travelers without cars
by local players.  Please indicate your interest in these rides by
contacting me: jaykristoff{at}gmail{dot}com .  Travelers with cars may be
asked to assist in this shuttle service.

The constructed events at the Guardtower should have more than
10 participants, therefore they will qualify the winners for the NAC.

The Week of Nightmares events will be run by the numerous V:EKN
Princes from central Ohio.

Eating during the Guardtower events may be tricky.  A pizza shop and
two bars are within walking distance.  There is a Mexican restaurant a
quick drive away.  Even so, with our ambitious schedule, it would be
wise for players to eat a big breakfast and pack snacks each day.

The Guardtower game store is home to two domestic cats.  Players with
severe cat allergies may want to avoid the events at this location, or
may want to take special medication to allow them to survive these
Feline Saboteurs.

This is a big V:TES party.

Please make arrangements to join us.

Jay Kristoff
V:EKN Prince of Columbus, Ohio USA
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Origins Twitter: @originsvtes

Entire event questions: Kevin Mergen
Location / attractions: Jay Kristoff
Website flaws or corrections: Jeffrey Thompson

Event sponsorship available, email the three above.