Vampire: The Eternal Struggle

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Most of these FAQs are updated and republished on the Usenet newsgroup at the beginning of every month. The versions linked here may or may not be updated at the same time.

This is the Jyhad/VTES FAQ created by James Hamblin, that I maintain.
Ralf Lammert has translated this FAQ into German.
Luca Pinchiroli has translated this FAQ into Italian.
Damnans has translated this FAQ into Spanish.

The V:EKN has published their FAQ.

Peter D. Bakija has created a Usenet Newsgroup FAQ about

There is an FAQ about the Clan Newsletters hosted on this site.

Here is the FAQ about the Clan Newsletters as maintained by Peter Bakija.

There are specific rules to get a deck into the tournament winning deck archive. Those rules are archived in the TWDA FAQ.

Even the Imbued (Hunters) have their own FAQ.
This Imbued FAQ has been translated into Italian by Luca Pinchiroli and Emiliano D'Onofrio.

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