All 33 Presence Cards

Aire of Elation Action Modifier
Awe Action Modifier
Bewitching Oration Action Modifier
Business Pressure Action Modifier
Catatonic Fear Combat
Charming Lobby Action
Condemnation: Languid Action
Disarming Presence Action Modifier
Dread Gaze Reaction
Echo of Harmonies Action Modifier
Enchant Kindred Action
Entrancement Action
Internal Recursion Reaction
Intimidation Action
Iron Heart Reaction
Legal Manipulations Action
Madrigal Action Modifier
Majesty Combat
Media Influence Action
Mind Numb Action
Propaganda Action
Psychomachia Action Modifier
Putrefaction Combat
Repulsion Action Modifier
Rewind Time Reaction
Rigor Mortis Combat
Social Charm Action
Soul Painting Action
Staredown Combat
The Summoning Action
Toreador's Bane Combat
Treachery Reaction
Voter Captivation Action Modifier